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It isn't an easy feat even for the regular students like us.
Being a celebrity has many perks, but many of today's stars still chose to pursue a college degree or earned one before trying their hand at the entertainment industry. Some even go as far as excelling academically by graduating with Latin honors, which ...
She also works with big brands like Lazada and SM.
Nowadays, students are finding ways to pursue their passions and improve on their skills, all while staying true to their academic commitments. One such student is Jade Alaoria, who is currently a college junior, an artist, a video editor, and a YouTuber. In 2020, ...
"Many people think that I have my study life together because I managed to get into a prestigious college."
Hillary Andales was the 2017 winner of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge. Now, she is attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she studies physics as a scholar. "I chose this major because I've always been fascinated with the grander universe and its mysteries. When I was ...
"How you will ace life after school is the real challenge."
All sorts of challenges have taken over social media, one of which is the #DropYourHonorsChallenge where people list down their academic achievements over the years. While some people might feel envious of everyone else's hard-earned medals and accomplishments, there's one post that under the ...
It took three times before he finally got the job.
If you spend your free time on YouTube, you might already be aware of the content-creating squad Team Payaman. Cong TV, Junnie Boy, the late Emman Nimedez, Mentos, Bok, and Dudut are among the members who create a variety of content--from humorous GV-inducing vlogs to video game streams. But did ...
Get to know Aldrean Paul Alogon, the 2019 Breakthrough Junior Challenge winner.
Aldrean Paul Alogon used to be a regular student from Capiz before becoming the Asia Region Champion of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge in 2019. Now, he is a student at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, USA and plans to pursue Physics and Economics.Physics, and science in ...
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