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Part of the strict-parents-club?
Do you ever just meet someone, instantly click with them, and the next thing you know, you’re dating? Hey, it can happen. People can form special connections with one another in a split second, especially when you are in setup that allows ...
Think your parents are being unreasonable? You might want to read this.
Are there instances when you and your parents don't see each other eye-to-eye? Like, you feel that they're being too strict or unreasonable or they just don't trust you? Before indulging yourself and putting the blame on your parents, read through these reasons, ...
An open letter to parents struggling to communicate with their child.
It's true that every child should learn to listen to what their parents say. Sometimes, however, adults seem to forget how to do the same. Talking back to your parents can be an extremely rocky terrain, especially if you have strict ones ...
Determination is key.
Anyone who has strict parents know how hard it is to ask permission to study or work on a project overnight at a classmate's house. To earn his mom's trust and prove to her that he was going to work on a ...
Don't hate on them because you were stuck at home last Friday night.
We've all felt bad about not being able to go to that spontaneous barkada bonding, and we all know exactly the reason why—because our SUPER strict parents wouldn't allow us to. It's always a challenge to please them and get what you ...
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First. Pixie dust and paper cuts – these are the first things Wendy knew about Peter Pan. Aurora first met Prince Philip when she was sixteen. Learning how to ride a bike was also a first while I was growing up, but you are probably the first of too many. The first collection of dust and stars; maybe Luna will try to ask, who was your first? I might answer and tell her that it was you.

The first of too many stars in the sky. You are the first of too many fallen leaves during fall – and you will be the most anticipated snowflake as winter comes. A dark path that you can’t see without any light, hence, you were once the moon and there are the stars that shine so bright at night. Are we too early? Or we just really want to be ahead of time? Even in a glimpse, I would like to see the two of us connect as if we can reach the sky. There are other parts of the heavens you have never saw and other oceans you haven’t laid your feet onto – but the constellations will always wait for you. Close your eyes, love, close your eyes. Start counting backward: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Count backward until you see the twinkling lights that will guide you to the right path. To the right satellite; to the right person. A first.

There are many firsts – first love, first heartbreak, first sport you played, the first thing you do in the morning, the first thing you remember about the person in front of you. There are a lot. It’s actually up to us how we will consider something as a first. So, Primo, you are already a first of too many.

Bea Alamis A day ago
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