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If you want to take home the chicken dinner after every match, learn from league leaders and fan-favorites.
Esports has taken off globally. The gaming community is continuously growing, with more and more people starting to accept that playing games is more than just child's play. Pro-gamers are making a career out of their hobbies, not to mention, making bank while ...
Here are a few of Dexie's sneaker outfits to inspire you.
Sneakers are the ultimate street style staple. They're also the go-to pair for those who want a casual and relaxed 'fit. Despite their ability to up the street style cred of any outfit, we've learned that sneakers are just as stylish regardless ...
She's acted alongside top stars in the industry.
If you've been following the local video game scene, then you will know that it is booming wih talented gamers and streamers of all ages. One of the most popular streamers these days is 17-year-old streamer Dexie Diaz. Dexie has been streaming games for two ...
Well done.
If we earned a peso every time our moms yelled at us for spending too much time playing video games, we’d probably be milionnaires by now. Seriously, older people nagging them is probably a universal experience for gamers, reinforcing antiquated beliefs about ...
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