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We can't wait to see more of our fave *firefly*!
Rookie actor + everyone's favorite Hotel Del Luna *firefly* Lee Do Hyun will be starring in his first-ever drama! What makes things more exciting is that according to Soompi, the show will be a Korean adaptation of Zac Efron's hit movie, 17 ...
Plus, how to read your FB messages without being "seen," a virtual reality experience on Jose Rizal's execution, and more!
 Seen-proof your Facebook. Here are three ways to read your FB messages without being "seen." (via Hey, sleep talker. Do you talk in your sleep? These are the reasons why! (via Enrique doesn't approve. Read about what Enrique Gil has to say about Liza ...
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 LSS no more. Fight the urge to repeat a song in your head over and over again with these neat tricks! (via For your travel bucket list! Get your travel inspo fix and see the 10 international destinations you may want to save ...
Keep them smudge and scratch-free all year round!
Sunglasses, like bags and shoes, are must-have accessories that people love to collect. From department store finds to high-end frames that cost an arm and a leg, it's impossible to run out of options for pieces that will protect our eyes from ...
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