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She dropped out of high school twice before getting back on track.
Finding out which career path we're most suitable for doesn't happen overnight. Maybe it would even take years before we truly realize what we're meant to do in life. High school is meant to help us get a better grasp of our ...
Contrary to popular belief, a social life is actually integral.
There are a lot of misconceptions about going to a science high school. Because they are specialized, the curriculum is deemed challenging and only students who are well equipped to take it on are admitted through an examination.If you've been curious about ...
He’s now 27 years old, and about two semesters away from graduating.
Carvey Ehren Maigue, a student from Mapua University, has been named the first-ever Global Sustainability Winner at the James Dyson Award.His invention? A new material made from rotten fruit and vegetables that converts UV light into electricity, and can be used for window panels, ...
Meet Gabby Banaag, an 18-year-old student and founder of a tech organization.
It's become more common for big names in the industry to hand over their platforms to regular individuals who have advocacies they wish to share to a larger audience. One Pinay student in New York got to do so, on no less than ...
P.S. She only paid to get a certificate for one.
With normal routines being shaken up, many of us have probably struggled to stay productive. We don’t know for certain when the pandemic is going to die down so we’re left feeling anxious about our lack of control over things.One medical student, ...
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