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May the force of feminism be with you.
Today is May the 4th, and what better way to celebrate the galactic institution that is Star Wars than to take a look at how they’ve taken steps toward a more inclusive universe?When you think about the first six episodes, you think ...
Huhu, if only we could rewrite the endings.
There's a reason why these movies made us tear up and even cry when we watched them in cinemas. Not only did they have tragic endings; they also have heartbreaking deaths of the characters we loved. If you're looking for movies to ...
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 No diet, diet. Read on to find out how you could keep the holiday pounds off without dieting! (via No regrets! Be inspired with these stories of 6 people who had one thing they didn't regret giving up. (via Sneak a peek inside Pia Wurtzbach's ...
May the Force be with us this coming year.
No matter what your age, gender, location, religion, or political affiliation is, we think it's safe to say that 2016 was a pretty rough one for humankind. But as one Doctor said, "The way I see it, every life is a pile ...
Don't miss the latest deets on Kendall Jenner's first US Vogue cover, Nina Dobrev's possible return to TVD, Christina Grimmie's new music video, the first full trailer of Rogue One, and Selena Gomez's super fan!
Kendall Jenner has been making waves not just because she's part of the Kardashian Klan, but because of her amazing modeling skills. Whether she's walking down the runway, or posing for a campaign shoot, you can count on Kendall to always slay. ...
If you loved Rey in The Force Awakens, you’ll love Jyn Erso in Rogue One.
The Rogue One trailer came out last week and we seriously have not stopped replaying it. The first of the Star Wars standalone stories, the film is about the resistance fighters who team up to steal the Death Star blueprints, which were ...
Don't miss today's updates on Zayn Malik on a 1D reunion, Logan Lerman on Star Wars, Kaya Scodelario's honeymoon, Vanessa Hudgens's dad's condition, and Selena Gomez and Charlie Puth's duet!
Aww, we know that the boys of One Direction have gone their separate ways—hiatus + Zayn Malik's departure—but seems like Zen is open to the possibility of reuniting with the boys. In his interview with the Sunday Times, the singer talked about it, ...
These memes will awaken the force in you. LOL!
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the seventh installment from the Star Wars franchise, is now showing in cinemas and we're pretty sure that at least one of your friends is crazy about it. Here's a secret, Candy Girls: I haven't ...
Don't miss the updates on Nathaniel Buzolic's new TV project, Little Mixn annoys Directioners, Joe Jonas sings with Ciara, the new book in The Selection series, and Star Wars!
Hey, Nathaniel Buzolic fans! Good news because he's headed back to television. After playing Kol on The Vampire Diaries and in the web series The Originals: Awakening, Nathaniel will be making people laugh on The CW and Alloy Entertainment's Significant Mother. Set to premiere ...
Because today is Star Wars day!
It's been almost 40 years since the first Star Wars movie hit screens, and since then the phenomenon has gotten bigger and bigger, reaching galaxies far, far away. The force is strong with this one and it’s only going to get stronger ...
Make sure you don't miss the latest on Echosmith's newest video, Star Wars' latest trailer, Pitch Perfect 2's KPop-infused movie clip, Amandla Stenberg's amazing words on black culture, and Dakota Fanning's upcoming movie.
We know you're all looking forward to Echosmith's return to Manila this year, so here's another song you should memorize in preparation for their August concert. The group just released the lyric video for "Bright" and we've been singing along to this video ...
You totally need to wear these shoes right now!
On the hunt for a totally cool new pair of shoes? Your search ends now because we're sharing with you the latest news on the best new footwear you'll want to wear every single day. Just scroll down to find out all ...
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