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Two words: media literacy
The internet has given us many opportunities to get different messages across, may it be a personal, political, or social one. However, many people have taken it the wrong way, using it to attack each other's beliefs. What was once envisioned as ...
Here are four ways to try!
Some things are hard to say, may it be sharing your feelings towards someone, stating an opinion, or wanting to help someone who's not able to stand up for herself. Which is why some people are comfortable in keeping things to themselves ...
Tired of your bossy group mate's bullying? Sick of settling for second best? Here's how to get your way in any situation!
Have you ever wondered why some people always manage to get their way, and others are just doomed to eternal frustration? Why some people can be pushy and others are just...pushovers? The pushy know what they want, and have no problems asking ...
Expressed in Emma Stone GIF, natch.
We've all been through a situation when you're itching to say something about a particular topic, but you hold yourself back out of fear of being judged. With all the ways you can embarrass yourself both in real life conversations and online ...
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