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Have no idea how to wear bright eyeliner? Carina breaks it down for you.
This video concludes our #MakeupMonday series with Carina Santos of softly sometimes for the month of July. What other beauty tutorials do you want to see on the site? Leave a comment and we'll see what we can do! :) In the ...
Scared to try wearing bright lipstick? The Softly Sometimes blogger shows you the different ways you can wear it.
Have you always wanted to try wearing a bright lip, but you're scared you might not be able to pull it off? Carina of softly sometimes shows you that there's absolutely nothing to be afraid of! She also shows you the different ...
This week, Carina talks about how to get that dewy finish when doing your makeup.
If last week you learned how to do a neutral smoky eye, this time, it's all about the dewy finish. How exactly do you achieve that when doing your makeup? Carina of softly sometimes breaks it down for you! Watch the video ...
We asked Carina of Softly Sometimes for a smoky eye that isn't too intimidating to try. Watch this tutorial!
We've asked the lovely Carina of Softly Sometimes to do an easy makeup tutorial for you, Candy Girls! If you're not comfortable doing a dark smoky eye, learn how to do it with neutral colors first. Check out the video for a ...
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