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Avoid letting them bring out the worst in you.
Going to multiple family and barkada get-togethers can be draining for anyone, especially when you yourself are going through some internal musings and don't have full answers to seemingly harmless questions like what your plans are for 2020, what happened to that hobby ...
Are you finally falling for your best friend?
Here goes the oldest story in the book: One day, you meet your best friend and your life is changed for good. You have the same taste in music or movies. You do everything together. You share inside jokes. Somewhere in between, ...
It's not necessarily about going back to the way things were.
We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: catching feelings for your best friend is definitely one of the oldest stories in the book. Even so, it doesn’t make it any less confusing or tricky, and finding a way to tell ...
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