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Make your next hangout a bit more different and interactive.
After being stuck at home for almost a year, we’ve migrated a big chunk of our social lives to virtual gatherings on Discord or Zoom. Over the last year, we’ve found ways to make our virtual hangouts more fun—for example, having Powerpoint presentations ...
Yes, it’s possible!
AHHH, the three S of a student’s life: sleep, study, and social life. Before entering college, I read countless precautions—though sometimes, they seemed like threats—about life inside the university. They say that you can only choose two out of the three. For ...
"Very busy...doing nothing."
If you're an introvert who loves social media, you might want to tap the follow button on Gemma Correll's Instagram. She's a self-confessed "anti-socialite and pug lady" who draws the most relatable and funny illustrations of real life scenarios. Our favorites? Her ...
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