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Selfie Stickers, Vanish Mode, and more.
READ MORE ABOUT FACEBOOKFacebook Will Cancel You Now. Here's How to Stay SafeWhat Happens When Facebook's Dating App Asks You to Connect With Someone?Some updates are big, while others are small. Let's start with the small: the app's icon has been updated ...
Today, we live in a world where barely any second consideration will be granted to us.
Undoubtedly, you've seen it everywhere now. Posts on social media trying to find teenagers that have gone missing, only for those posts to soon be replaced by news of their deaths. Testimony after testimony, mothers crying over coffins, the constant shout for ...
Two words: media literacy
The internet has given us many opportunities to get different messages across, may it be a personal, political, or social one. However, many people have taken it the wrong way, using it to attack each other's beliefs. What was once envisioned as ...
How you can help protect Mother Earth in the spirit of sharing.
What is upcycling? This is when you take waste materials and turn them into something that's useful again. It's recycling on a whole new level because what you produce is of better quality and something that has better environmental value.Tang Philippines launched ...
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