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A few years ago, on a road trip to the beach, a friend made me listen to the off-Broadway recording of The Last Five Years.
Answer: Dream casting.
After two seasons and more misses than hits, Smash has bowed out, but not before the dazzling and very meta number, "Big Finish." Ivy and Karen belt, "Give them that big finish and they'll forget what came before... So I give this ...
The Carrie Diaries is in, Smash is out, and more.
It's the US TV broadcast season once more and you know what that means—we finally get to find out if our beloved/hated shows are coming back or not. Let’s dig in.Cool renewals:Meh renewals: Cancellations that broke my heart:Cancellations that were a long ...
On the hits and misses of the troubled show.
Confession: I've come to un-ironically love Smash. The musical series is all over the place and everyone's bashing it—even I have—but it's still one of the shows I tear myself away from Candy Crush for. If I don't catch it on primetime, ...
The Jonas brother returns to his Broadway roots and appears on the new TV show Smash!
Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers guest stars on this week's episode of new TV musical Smash. Nick talks about his character, Lyle West, in this video as well as his beginnings as a 7-year-old on Broadway. You're in for a treat! ...
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