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She only had P1,500 to start with.
Running a business while in med school sounds like a lot to take on. But for first-year med student Sofie Andin, it's one way for her to stay connected to her love for the arts, and to keep growing as an artist.Sofie, 22, sculpts ...
She now has clients from US, Canada, and Qatar.
Many plans have been put on hold because of the pandemic, but for others, new plans can also come into fruition. That was the case for fashion student Ara Madrigal. Ara just finished her first term in Slim’s Fashion & Arts School in December ...
She started with just P1,500.
Starting a business is no easy feat. From contacting suppliers to smoothening out the daily operations, there are lots of details to iron out before you can officially start one. Not to mention, you'd have to dedicate your time, energy, and money to ...
Try something new without leaving the Philippines!
While travel plans have been put on hold for most of us, many have taken to virtual tours of museums and watching docus to learn about other cultures while in quarantine.We sometimes forget though that another way (and perhaps one of the best ways!) ...
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There's something about the torpe boy—you either hate him or love him, but here's how you snag him.
He's the shy boy you see every day in school or playing basketball in your village park with his friends. You know his name. He may even be your friend. You know where he lives, his friends, his class schedule, and what ...
What do you love about the rainy season?
The Candy eds share what they love about the rainy season. What about you, what do you love about it? ...
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