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Say hello to smoother skin.
Blackheads are open comedones (clogged pores) that have an oxidized mix of sebum, dirt, and dead skin, which creates its dark hue. The ultimate key to getting rid of them is by making sure your pores are free from oil and dirt. ...
We're probably guilty of one or all ten of these!
It doesn't matter whether you're a beauty girl or not—everyone wants great skin. While having an effective skin care regimen is a must to achieve healthy and naturally glowing skin, your lifestyle and daily habits are just as important—maybe even more so. ...
Are you guilty of doing any of these bad habits?
Most girls have their beauty routine all planned out. They have a go-to skin care regimen that simply never fails them, but while one may take good care of her skin, it's inevitable that there are still some bad skin care habits ...
Don't fall into trap with these common skincare myths!
With the stress of school work, social lives, and everything in between, it would be an understatement to say that maintaining clear skin is difficult. With that, here are five common skincare misconceptions to watch out for to make your life that ...
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