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We're probably guilty of one or all ten of these!
It doesn't matter whether you're a beauty girl or not—everyone wants great skin. While having an effective skin care regimen is a must to achieve healthy and naturally glowing skin, your lifestyle and daily habits are just as important—maybe even more so. ...
Are you guilty of doing any of these bad habits?
Most girls have their beauty routine all planned out. They have a go-to skin care regimen that simply never fails them, but while one may take good care of her skin, it's inevitable that there are still some bad skin care habits ...
Glow it out!
Want to get smooth skin without having to pile on too much makeup? It's really, really possible, but you'll have to take extra care of your skin daily. In fact, doing so will not only eventually give you better, more flawless skin, ...
Good morning, beautiful!
Big day tomorrow? Here are seven proven ways on how you can wake up with gorgeous and glowing skin: 1  Cleanse properly. Before you hit the sack, be sure to remove every trace of makeup from your face. We recommend doing the double cleansing method, ...
Never let the shine take control of your life ever again.
Oily skin can be a major pain for anyone. When you have oily skin you'll most likely encounter enlarged pores, zits, and blackheads–but these things don't need to take over your life! You can avoid constant touch-ups, unsightly shine, and zits by learning ...
Find out how you can get your skin to look radiant and smooth just in time for prom night!
Ever had a beauty question you've always wanted answered? One Candy Girl wrote on the Primp and Pamper section of TeenTalk asking how she get her skin looking flawless for Prom. With Prom and Ball season in full gear, picking the right makeup look is definitely crucial. ...
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