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'Bilang breadwinner, di ba, mahirap. Ikaw yung inaasahan ng family mo.'
The pandemic has been proven to be challenging to everyone, even if you're a celebrity. Loisa Andalio opens up about her struggles as the family breadwinner in an episode of Magandang Buhay."Pinaka-challenge talaga yung walang work. Bilang breadwinner, 'di ba, mahirap. Ikaw ...
Andrea started working in the showbiz industry at a very young age.
Celebrities are just like us in the sense that they enjoy the same things we do. Many stars, however, aren't as ~free~ as they wish to be in terms of pursuing certain passions in life. Some had to stop school so they ...
Some of your favorite internet influencers also have acting chops in them.
Many of today's top social media content creators are adored by fans for showing their real and raw personalities online. They're not one to shy away from sharing their daily lives--bloopers and all--whether it be through Instagram Stories or YouTube videos. But if ...
'There's no need for me to focus on another person as much as I'm focusing on myself.'
Just like her famous family, Lorin Gutierrez officially entered showbiz earlier this month and signed with Viva Artists Agency no less! The 17-year-old daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez spoke in a Facebook live about how excited she was to join the ~family 'biz~ ...
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