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Your friend's ex: Off limits or not?
monday"Off limits! I respect my friends and I want them to be like that to me as well." Kim, 25tuesday"Haha! Depends on your friend. But I would not go for it 'til after a year." PJ, 20tuesdaywednesday"Off limits because I have respect ...
Prepare for your first night out in a club and know which outfits to wear.
Just keep it simple by wearing a dress or a skirt with a cute top. You don't need to over-do it with too much bling. Dresses in black usually work. Clubs can be really crowded so be sure to wear something comfortable. ...
Our resident Twihard spills the deets.
What makes you happy on a rainy day?
The Candy editors know how to kill the gloomy mood during the rainy days. How about you? What makes you happy on a rainy day? ...
We put together a pool of actors we think could hack Twilight. Check them out.
Where do you usually shop for Christmas gifts?
The Candy editors share where they do their Christmas shopping. How about you, where do you usually buy your gifts for your loved ones? I usually go to different bazaars. There's always something there for everyone. :) —Roch, Web and Mobile Producer ...
With just a few steps, you can breathe new life into your old shoes!
Missed the chat with Phil Younghusband? Check this out!
Phil Younghusband dropped by the Candy HQ to chat with you Candy girls! But if you weren't able to log on, we're giving you a peek at what went down during the Celeb Chat last Tuesday, September 16. Browse through this exclusive ...
What will you miss about summer?
The Candy eds share what they'll miss about summer. What about you, what will you miss about it? ...
Candy got to hang out with the boys of Maroon 5!
Looking for something fun to do this summer? Let's go to the zoo!
The Philippines' first and only tiger safari has done it again! Zoobic Safari invites you to come experience its summer-welcoming festivities in the form of "ZUMMER @ ZOOBIC 2008" beginning this Saturday, March 8th from 8:00 to 11:00AM and running thru every ...
Fashion items you can't live without during the holidays.
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