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"Ang pangit ng dubbing."
Upon hearing that our favorite K-Drama is going to be shown on a local channel, we can't help but feel equal parts excitement and dread. We can't wait for the rest of the country to watch and realize how good the show ...
So proud of these amazing human beings!
Since we finished binge-watching Netflix's Thirteen Reasons Why, we've been wanting to see more of the amazing cast everywhere online! The show has reminded us and got us talking about a lot of important things, so it's really priceless to listen to ...
A show about a double life. And no, it's not Hannah Montana!
With more shows airing their final seasons like Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars, we're spending more time nowadays looking for another show to fan girl over! With one show's ending comes another show's beginning.Have you heard of Sweet/Vicious? This could be our next pastime! The ...
Sit back, relax, and enjoy these shows with that special someone.
Believe us when we say that the the best dates don’t have to involve the fancy stuff. It’s all about truly enjoying each other’s company regardless of the setting. Sometimes, all you need for that special “night out” with your man is ...
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