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It's such a game-changer!
As a morning person, I always make it a point to start my day right with a good cup of coffee. Aside from keeping me awake, it's my ~survival juice~ especially during times when I need to be extra productive. I like ...
Time to set up your own home theater.
One thing I miss most about my life pre-pandemic is being able to freely go out and watch movies in the cinemas. I don't know about you guys, but watching new trailers and snacking on popcorn all while staying in a well ...
They actually come in glass jars and bowls!
Hello there! During this quarantine, I have become a bit of a scented candle aficionado—I love making my room smell like a spa (or milk tea, LOL). I also like discovering shops that sell candles with unique concepts, like this one that ...
They're perfect for film photography beginners!
Hello there! If you've been wanting to get into film photography for quite some time now, then you know just how *expensive* analog cameras can be. They can go from P2,500 to almost P10,000 and above for certain vintage models. Sure, you ...
Add to cart na!
Most of us shop for Instagram-friendly room decorations that also serve a purpose on Instagram. So many IG shops offer all sorts of interesting finds that can add personality to any room. But for those who are used to the convenience offered by shopping ...
Including essential oils.
Ever since the lockdown started, online shops paved the way and became the one-stop-shop for many. Buying things online became a part of everyone’s lives during the quarantine, and “adding to cart” became a habit. When the coronavirus entered our country, going ...
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