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They prepared well and result is impressive!
Some K-drama and Korean movie characters are hard to portray. To make a role remarkable, an actor has to ~completely transform~ into a different person. And this doesn't just include the spectrum of emotions they need to show—sometimes, they have to master ...
Your faves like Ed Sheeran and Charli XCX had a hand in making these K-pop hits.
With the widening reach of K-pop, it isn’t surprising to see Western artists reaching out to popular K-pop groups for a music collaboration. While we all like to see our favorite Western singers and K-pop idols perform together in one multi-cultural bop, ...
Don't miss the deets on Miley Cyrus's sweet home life with Liam, a Harry Potter easter egg, Justin Bieber's special ~unplanned~ appearance, SHINee's Minho on his fellow actors, and Ryan Reynold's heartwarming advice about family.
Miley Cyrus has rekindled her love with Liam Hemsworth, and at 23, she is engaged again, with her relationship being stronger than ever! Sources told E! News that Miley loves her time just being at home and nesting with Liam, doing domestic things ...
Ever watch a dozen K-Pop videos and see some similar things? Here are 5 things we just can't help but take notice of.
1. A blonde.via paogeneration.tumblr.comGirls Generation's "Mr. Mr."Or two.via dazzlingmint.blogspot.comSHINee's "Colorful"Or three. via EXO-K's "Overdose"2. Outrageous outfits.via giphy.comBigbang's "Fantastic Baby"3. Cameo appearances from other K-pop groups.via redthreaddreams.livejournal.comDara appeared on Taeyang's "I Need A Girl"via exokmgifs.tumblr.comChanyeol of EXO-K appeared on Girls Generation's "Twinkle"4. #SWAG. Enough Said.via zef*ckinglo.tumblr.comCL ...
Are you a K-pop fan? Who's your favorite boy group?
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