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Plus a possible collaboration with Shawn Mendes. Make it happen!
It's only a matter of time until we hear Niall Horan's first solo record in full. We've slowly been piecing together all the details from our exclusive roundtable interview with One Direction's Irish cutie two months ago in Singapore. He has already revealed ...
OMG, you guys. Kilig!
Yup, it's true, you guys! Diego Loyzaga actually said that he loves his loveteam Sofia Andres. But  when he was asked if they're  friends or lovers, he surprised the press saying, "Kailangan bang lagyan ng label?" But if his relationship with Sofia were to ...
Everyone told me that it's an impossible dream, but I never gave up because of one reason: it's one of my biggest dreams, and no one every gives up on their dreams.
Every fangirl would understand the truth that meeting your idol is the biggest thing that can ever happen to you as a supporter. It's what you have been waiting for since day one and what you're looking forward to every single day. ...
The 5 things you missed today, February 23, 2017.
For the longest time, Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre have been pitted against each other despite their uncanny resemblance. But all those rumors were laid to rest when Kathryn and Nadine finally interacted on Twitters and it's safe to say that both ...
The 5 things you might have missed today!
TBH, we got really excited when Zayn and Taylor Swift's song "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" came out. So our next question: When is the music video coming out? Now, we have answers! Zen was spotted in London at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, working on the ...
Don't miss the latest deets on Ed Sheeran's new filter for Snapchat, the Pitch Perfect casts' aca-mazing instagram pose, What James thinks of Nadine Lustre's bikini Instagram pic, Rain's comeback with a special collab, and the great twist on the reboot of Charmed.
If you haven't noticed yet, Ed Sheeran just dropped us two new singles! But that's not all Ed had under his sleeve, he got to partner with Snapchat to create a special filter just for him, which previews his new song with ...
Time to save up...and save up fast!
The new year just started, Candy Girls, which means we also have a new year to fangirl and make memories with our favorite musicians!It's another year to save up and watch our favorite singers and performers live, you guys, so we thought we'd make ...
Don't miss today's updates about Charlie Puth being upset over cheating rumors, Shawn Mendes's latest album release, Kristen Stewart dating a Victoria's Secret model, Ylona Garcia's blessing bonus, and on why Khalil Ramos won't pose a shirtless selfie.
There has been an ongoing rumor about Bella Thorne cheating on Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth. Charlie apparently got upset about this and expressed his feelings over Twitter with a series of tweets. One of them, he says, "I can't believe what ...
Read up on today's updates about the song that reminds Nadine Lustre of James Reid, Camila Cabello leaving Fifth Harmony and Lauren Jauregui allegedly saying 5H is being treated like slaves, Bella Thorne's new pop star bae, Shawn Mendes's Christmas surprise, and Theo James's heartbreaking announcement.
ZOMG! Nadine Lustre revealed the song that reminds her of James Reid. "Ito talaga yung pinakaunang ano, song na...kapag naririnig ko, siya yung naaalala ko." The audience in the press con for a fast food chain kept guessing, but didn't quite get ...
Don't miss the latest updates on Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Shawn Mendes and Jingle Ball, another Divergent story after Allegiant, Insta-queen Selena Gomez, and Julia Barretto's holiday plans.
We don't know what's keeping these two from being together when they clearly still like each other! When Andrew Garfield was asked by The Hollywood Reporter who is the one person he would take with him if he was stranded on a desert ...
Get the latest deets on the youngest Jonas brother, Niall Horan's first video release post-1D, Justin Bieber's rumored collab with Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, and the Honor Thy Father Director defending indie movies in the MMFF.
The youngest Jonas brother, Frankie Jonas, is all grown-up now—but is he growing up too fast?  According to TMZ, Frankie, now age 16, was arrested outside of a convenience store for marijuana possession. Sources told TMZ that the Jonas fam claims that Frankie has ...
This video is perfection!
If you didn't get enough of them at the AMAs here's a special treat! Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes just sang a beautiful duet of one of Shawn's songs, "Mercy" that screams so much talent. It was even filmed live so don't ...
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