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"What websites do you usually visit?"
The Candy eds share what websites they visit. What about you? What are your favorite websites? ...
Do you dream of becoming a celeb someday?
Were you at the Candy Fair? Even if you weren't, we're taking you there!
Girls reveal what it’s like to fall for the same sex. (flip your issue to pp 44-45)
Are you or your friends lesbians? Discuss this issue with other girls.Lesbianism is not really that big of a deal for me. I'm open when it comes to those kinds of things. I don't judge them just because they're a lesbian. —fall_to_piecesI've ...
Share your pictures with the Candy Cuties at the Candy Fair!
Post your own in Snaps now! ...
"What makes you a strong girl?"
The Candy eds tell you why they're strong girls! I don't let my mistakes and mishaps get in the way. I rise up from my fall and continue the journey of life with my head up high. :D —Roch, Web and Mobile ...
What would a Candy girl do in an Oops moment?
I act normal or I just laugh it out. I don't really care. I think of it as an experience. lol It's kind of weird to know but I rarely get embarrassed. I don't really care about what I do, or whatever, ...

The coolest teen prize in all packs
More than 10,000 teens have won! What are you waiting for? Share the fun prizes you've won and other exciting prizes you'd still like to have! SistahFun SMS promo until August 31, 2007!

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