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Time to watch the classics!
In this Amy Heckerling film adapted from the 1816 Jane Austen novel Emma, Alicia Silverstone plays the iconic teen Cher decked in designer threads and gives a satirical look at the rich high school girls of Beverly Hills. If scenes look familiar, ...
Straight from Landon and Jamie themselves!
As we've told you last night, A Walk to Remember turns 15 years old this week!Oh how time flies. The movie based on Nicholas Sparks's best-selling novel of the same title has turned into a rom-com classic for all of us. Of course ...
Time for a rewatch (or even a first viewing if you haven't seen it yet!).
How has it already been 15 years since Mandy Moore, Shane West, and Nicholas Sparks broke our hearts in the cinema? Yup, you better believe it. A Walk To Remember first made its cinematic debut on this day in 2002.If you haven't seen ...
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