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It's so pretty!
Here’s a new trendy spot to add to your travel bucket list: the Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe in Seoul. Located in Hongdae, this cotton candy-hued establishment is major fodder for anyone’s aesthetic Instagram feed.ICYDK, Stylenanda is a Korean fast-fashion and beauty brand ...
A YouTuber shares tourist tips for traveling around Seoul when you're on super tipid mode.
Ah, Seoul. Those who are smitten by hallyu undoubtedly have the South Korean capital on their list of dream destinations. Aside from K-pop and K-drama enthusiasts, travelers also admire Seoul for being an artistic and cultural hotspot. Simply put, it has become ...
Immerse yourself in different cultures and give yourself an experience of a lifetime.
I'd say Paris is one of the most coveted travel spots in the world and for good reason; the iconic Eiffel Tower is the stuff romance stories are all about. Check out this video for other hidden gems in the beautiful city.When ...
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