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Students need to get creative to get good grades.
Online learning has changed many things, including how students are assessed for their academic performance. Because the traditional way of holding classes is currently not feasible, students will have to test what they have learned in class in a different manner. What once ...
The government agency says, "Suicide is a sensitive and complex issue."
The Department of Education has released a statement with an appeal to the public to stop connecting recent reports of teacher and student suicides to distance learning.“Suicide is a sensitive and complex issue. We would like to appeal to everyone to stop ...
In case you feel torn or confused.
In 2013, the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 was signed into law, which resulted in the implementation of the new K-12 Curriculum, where high school students will have to take an additional two years to graduate from senior high school. Through this, high school ...
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If you could dress up like a musician, who would it be?
The Candy editors want to dress up like a rockstar. How about you? If you could dress up like a musician, who would it be? ...
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