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No, it's not about poop, Chanel. *rolling eyes emoji*
We all know what ghosting means, right? It's when the dude or girl you like just disappears without reason—stops replying to your messages, refuses to answer your calls, leaves without a trace. But not according to the people from Scream Queens. Hit ...
All week long, you've probably been seeing WE KNOW NOTHING, IT IS KNOWN, and general all-caps keysmashing on your feed. You can thank the return of Game of Thrones for this happy explosion. Season six is a particularly big deal because the ...
Season four of the medieval fantasy is about to premiere and not enough people on your feed are spazzing about it. Here's a little something to help convert your friends into fans of the hit book-turned-TV series.
1. Send them a link to the opening credits. It's a brilliant use of CGI, a nifty guide to this new world, and just downright cool. Your friends will be humming the theme song in no time…Or even singing and beat boxing ...
Catch PLL's latest episode on TV and watch One Direction's This Is Us second teaser all weekend.
Already settling in for a Friday night in? You've picked the right time to stay indoors tonight! ETC is showing the latest episode from Pretty Little Liars new season tonight at 8pm.And while waiting, why not click play and watch the latest ...
Catch the premiere of The Voice Season 4 tonight.
It's no April Fool's joke. The Voice is really coming back with its fourth season with new coaches to boot. Usher and Shakira are joining Blake Shelton and Adam Levine while Christina Aguilera and Cee-lo sit this season out due to career ...
Catch the season premiere of Gossip Girl's last season ever this week!
It's the final season of Gossip Girl and we're just as curious as you are about who it is behind the blog. Producers of the show reveal in this video that they're actually revealing who GG is in the finals season. Who ...
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