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With all these YA adaptations, the odds were certainly in our favor this year.
If 2014 brought us YA movies like The Fault in Our Stars and If I Stay, this year we had these incredible adaptations.Paper Townsvia papertownsmovie.comFive things that made the adaptation of John Green's book awesome: 1) it came from the genius mind of ...
Looking at you, Minho.
There's something about chinito guys when they smile or laugh and their eyes completely disappear thanks to all that happiness. Ki Hong Lee, who plays Minho in the Maze Runner series, is the perfect example of this, and we can’t wait to ...
Don't miss the latest on Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift behind the scenes of "Bad Blood," Anna Kendrick as Indianna Jones, Nick Jonas's tour, and The Scorch Trials.
Ariana Grande clearly loves her fans. How much? She sang a duet with them while she was inside a moving vehicle in Paris for the Honeymoon Tour, that's how much. Watch them belt out to "One Last Time" and her other songs ...
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