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Pens, notebooks, sticky notes are a serious business.
Looking for a planner is like looking for new shoes—everything has to fit perfectly.Your planner is your best friend. It knows everything about you - your thoughts, your plans, your dreams and aspirations, and everything in between. There is nothing more fun ...
We'd probably never be late to class if we had these every day.
School subjects usually fall under the categories of Math, History, Science, English, and Physical Education. Sure, we learn a great deal but wouldn't it be so much cooler and more interesting if we learned about life skills or the more practical lessons ...
What's in your bag?
We totally understand if you have a different bag for every kind of situation. There's one bag you use for school, another for when you've got a trip to the mall planned after dismissal, and probably another one when you're going out ...
Don't splurge on school materials when you can DIY and print most of them! Check out these 15 terrific printables that will make the school year easier, less expensive and more stylish!
2014 Printable CalendarDownload calendars for free and in the design you prefer. Find ones in different styles and sizes, keep them in your planner, notebook or have it near your desk or in your wallet.NameplateStake your claim on your school essentials with ...
Still haven't gotten your copy? What are you waiting for? Time to start making plans.
School starts in just a couple of weeks. Already enrolled? Finished shopping for your school supplies? This better be part of your arsenal. It's the Candy School Diary!Sneak a peek at what's inside and don't forget to grab your copy from the ...
Do you have your own Candy School Planner already? What do you love about it? Tell us!
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Do you have the Candy School Planner yet? Here's a sneak peek at the cutest planner ever! There are also stickers inside that you can use to mark special days!
The Candy School Planner 2011-2012 is available at leading bookstores and magazine stands nationwide for only P195! ...
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