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Know where this SoFA student gets her style influence from.
Name: Inna Santiago Age: 17 School: School of Fashion and the Arts Hometown: Makati CityVersatile. I wear whatever will look good on me and I base it on how I'll portray myself for the day. Shopping spots. Forever 21, Topshop, Zara, Thrift stores, ...
Check out what SoFA students and alumni wore at the School of Fashion and the Arts graduation fashion show.
Check out these workshops and classes scheduled this weekend for a productive and fun summer.
Fully Booked 2011 Film Language and Grammar ClassesIt's a series of talks that talks about everything from basic film appreciation to post-production to acting. For this weekend, learn the scopes of Production Design with Richard Somes and Jun Sabayton and how Post-Production ...
This blogger admires several fashion designers. Read on to know more about her idols and her personal style.
Name: Danika Rio NavarroAge: 22School: Ateneo/School of Fashion and the ArtsHometown: Antipolo, RizalAll about prints. My style varies from mood to mood and changes as I shift from one inspiration to another. I can go sophisticated today, girly girl tomorrow, and then ...
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