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Application is until July 2021.
Education is one of the most rewarding fields out there, and luckily, it's a job that's in-demand globally too. If you're a teacher looking to grow your knowledge and build up credibility, you might want to consider pursuing higher education to beef ...
There are other ways to pay for tuition even if your grades aren’t as competitive as others'.
Now that classes have started again for majority of schools, many students and parents are again faced with the burden of paying for tuition. Although many schools offer scholarship grants, these often require a certain academic achievement that not everyone is capable ...
Applying for one is sooooo easy!
In celebration of Education New Zealand's one million social media followers and as a way of thanking their supporters, they're offering one student a scholarship worth NZ$10,000! This amount will cover tuition and course-related costs at any educational institution in New Zealand ...
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