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They actually come in glass jars and bowls!
Hello there! During this quarantine, I have become a bit of a scented candle aficionado—I love making my room smell like a spa (or milk tea, LOL). I also like discovering shops that sell candles with unique concepts, like this one that ...
Light these up every time you're blasting those albums.
On April 9th, Taylor Swift released the re-recorded version of her 2008 sophomore album Fearless—now and forever dubbed Fearless (Taylor's Version). We don't know how the singer-songwriter has managed to stay this busy in the middle of a pandemic, but in the ...
Para inspired ka every day!
I'm a big fan of scents. I'm also a Korean culture enthusiast, and when I found an online shop selling scented candles that smell like my favorite oppas, you bet I was *super* thrilled!325handcrafted offers handmade candles with scents that are similar to ...
These toasty candles will soothe your soul.
"Talking about smells can feel a little like talking about dreams," writes The New Yorker’s Rachel Syme in an article from January, noting how difficult it is to break down the olfactory experience into specific language. We all have different relationships with ...
Red wine in a scented candle? *Adds to cart*
One of my current obsessions is collecting scented candles. They're the perfect addition to a home simply because it makes your space smell good. If you're looking for a sign to hop on the trend, well this is it! And the funny ...
These will help you relax and rejuvenate!
So you’ve decluttered, organized, and decorated your space. Good job! You probably feel like a brand-new person who’s got their life together. If you’re still looking for ways to elevate your living space, we know just what you need: scented candles.Not only ...
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