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This October 31, gather all your friends and get ready for an all-night scream fest!
It's the month of October, and that means it's almost Halloween—the day of ghouls and ghosts,monsters and mayhem, and all things scary! But how should you celebrate October 31 this year? If youfeel a little too old for trick or treating, or ...
We regret watching this trailer twice (to make sure we listed down all the reasons correctly), because we might not be able to sleep tonight.
You've probably heard it from your lola or your parents. Whenever you go to a wake, you need to make a pitstop somewhere before going home or else spirits will follow you home.In Star Cinema's MMFF entry, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo along with ...
The Biebs, comfort food, a model's essentials, scary movies, Halloween costumes, and tons of dessert. Click on our favorite links from the Female Network this week!
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