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Aside from the talent, the members' personalities are part of what A'TINs love the most about them.
When you mention P-pop, one of the first artists that might come to mind would be SB19. The five-member boy band has proven that they've got what it takes to represent the country and bring Pinoy music and artistry to new heights, ...
Before achieving the kind of success they have now, the boys had completely different career paths.
Filipino boy group SB19 have established themselves among the flagbearers of the country when it comes to representing Filipino music, talent, and artistry. Ever since their dance practice video for their song "Go Up" went viral in 2019, the five-member group composed of Pablo, ...
SB19 tells us to raise our flags—and they also raise theirs.
Since a practice video that went viral on the internet back in 2019, SB19 has been taking the country by storm with their latest single released last March, "What?"—which now has almost eight million views.The first ever Filipino boy group, SB19 is composed of members ...
There's no stopping this P-pop group.
When P-pop boy band SB19 sang, "We gonna go up," they really meant it. The five-member group composed of Sejun, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin just reclaimed the second spot at Billboard's Social 50 Chart.Bilboard's Social 50 Chart is a weekly chart that ...
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