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'After college, I already want to be stable...give back to my parents.'
At the young age of 19, Santino Rosales achieved one of his life goals: To have his own business.In May 2020, the son of actor Jericho Rosales and former model Kai Palomares announced the opening of his first venture, KAISAINT skews & ...
A doctor, a businessman, a social entrepreneur, and an athlete—we got them all here.
Meet Candy's new romantics, Candy Girls.Inspired by Taylor Swift's song of the same title, Eljohn Yee, Louis Faure, Mikael Soriano, and Santino Rosales have all encountered roadblocks (heartbreaks) while working in their respective fields and passions. But instead of getting discouraged and just giving up completely, they continued working ...
Will it ever be?
For as long as we can remember, cheating has been a prevalent issue in relationships. You probably know a few couples who broke up because one of them has been cheating with the other person. But there have been memes going around about how ...
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