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Should you stay in touch or not?
While it's always advised that you shouldn't be friends with your ex after a breakup and even if there's already a study that it's bad to stay friends with them, there are still cases where you can't really avoid it—especially if you're ...
How does it feel for them?
Have you ever liked someone so much that you start wondering whether you're already in love with the person or not? Well, we're wondering how guys figure that out, since girls sometimes get all clueless about it. So we're glad we have ...
Since it's really hard to figure them out.
We know that trying to figure out whether a guy likes you or not isn't an easy job. That's why we went ahead and asked two of this year's Candy Cuties to give us a few hints on how we'll know that a guy ...
Is flirting harmless or do you have to stop once you're with someone already?
Some people would argue that flirting with another person is not harmful even if you're already in a relationship. For some people, that might be true while it may also be a red flag to others. We wanted to know what guys ...
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