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Here's a glimpse into what it's like working for the country's number one teen magazine from Candy EIC Sam Potenciano!
Have you always wondered what it's like working for a teen magazine? Or have you always wanted to work in the publishing industry after graduation? Our Editor in Chief Sam Potenciano gives you an idea of what it's like working for the country's number ...
A new trend is taking over your wrist!
Have you seen someone wearing layers of bracelets on their arms? Some see it as way OTT, but some fashionistas are in love with this trend. Bangles, friendship bracelets, charms, watches—any accessory that you can put on your wrist is allowed to ...
Our new Associate Fashion Editor is in love with quirky accessories. Check out as she shows off her favorite pieces for the whole month of July.
Associate Fashion Editor Sam tells you how to make new combinations and to mix and match the clothes you already have in your closet.
Candy's Associate Fashion Editor Sam Potenciano gives you tips on how to mix and match prints and patterns.
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