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Aside from the budol, life hacks, and entertaining content, another thing we're thankful for discovering from our favorite YouTubers' videos is their cute relationships with their siblings! Not only can we relate to their dynamics as siblings, but we also discover new personalities ...
You'll casually spot a familiar face while watching their vlogs.
Our favorite YouTubers are kind of like celebrities to us. We look up to them and admire them for all the content they post. And if you're observant enough when binge-watching their videos, you'll notice that some of our favorite YouTube personalities ...
From starting their own businesses to investing in real estate.
Being in your twenties is when you get your first taste of adulting. You get your first paycheck, you start paying for your own bills, and basically begin your journey towards financial independence. It can be tricky to deal with money smartly, especially ...
ICYDK, Ry was able to buy her first car at 22!
Yes, you're right! We're back with another feature on your favorite Gen Z personalities. Last week, we shared everything you need to know about Ashley Sandrine Yap, and for today's article, we're doing a deep-dive on Gen Z YouTuber: Ry Velasco. This ...
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