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Venice is turning 17 on September 11!
When it comes to being a stage mom to her kids, no one does it better than Ruffa Gutierrez. The actress and former beauty queen always makes sure to put a spotlight on her two daughters, Lorin and Venice, be it through leaving supportive comments ...
She has the cutest and funniest comments on her daughter's Instagram page!
Lorin Gutierrez is one of our go-to celebs whenever we're running low on cool outfit ideas. Her posts on Instagram always make us do a double-tap, too! That said, we're definitely big fans of her overall aesthetic—but when it comes to Lorin's avid ...
'There's no need for me to focus on another person as much as I'm focusing on myself.'
Just like her famous family, Lorin Gutierrez officially entered showbiz earlier this month and signed with Viva Artists Agency no less! The 17-year-old daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez spoke in a Facebook live about how excited she was to join the ~family 'biz~ ...
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