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See the list of your favorite empowered female celebrities as they shed light on social causes.
It's good to see people from Hollywood are also using their fame to shed light on social causes happening around the world right now. Here is the list of empowered females you can look up to as role models.In a patriarchal society, ...
Don't miss today's updates on Zac Efron's new project, the Girl Meets World rumors, Louis Tomlinson's all-girl group, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them news, and Taylor Swift's latest social media update.
Does Zac Efron have a new TV project? In his latest Instagram posts, he asks, "I got two cones. want one?" In the photo, he tagged MTV's Instagram account on one of the ice cream cones. Hmm. What are you up to, ...
Don't forget to read the latest on Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes's new duet, the Critics' Choice Awards, Brie Larson's 2000s music video, Rowan Blanchard identifying as queer, and Justin Bieber's new hair color.
Finally, Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes revealed their new duet over the weekend. "Over and Over Again" is now available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase on iTunes. (via's Jacob Tremblay didn't just win the Critics' Choice Awards for the Best Young ...
Don't miss today's updates on Liam Payne wanting to work with Little Mix, Zendaya on her Barbie doll, Gigi Hadid's message for her bashers, The Vamps upcoming album, and Rowan Blanchard's 'diet tip.'
One Direction and Little Mix seem to have developed a deeper friendship during the recent Apple Music Festival. In an interview, Little Mix's Jane Thirlwall said that Liam Payne is actually game to write a song with the group. "We definitely want to collaborate with One Direction. ...
What is it with this day?
What, is today bad news Monday? After news of One Direction possibly taking a year-long hiatus after promoting their fifth album, we hear Ed Sheeran might be taking a long break from music, too. What?! But this rumored break is supposedly for ...
Don't miss today's updates on Ed Sheeran's collab with The Rolling Stones and Tori Kelly, Rowan Blanchard's speech on gender equality, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Shawn Mendes's new music video.
Will Ed Sheeran collaborate with The Rolling Stones after he joined the band in a performance of "Beast of Burden" for their Zip Code Tour? We can only hope for this. For now, we're happy seeing Ed being all chummy with these legends ...
Girls meet world.
1. Riley from Girl Meets World (Disney Channel). Fans of Boy Meets World have been marathon-ing the throwback series in preparation for the spin-off. Cory and Topanga's story continues with their daughter, Riley, a sweet twelve-year-old who’s just trying to figure out ...