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Learning to live with them is half the battle.
You're shaking in your scuffed white sneakers as your dad hauls the last box out of the trunk and sets it down on the ground with an ominous thud. To say you're afraid—of the unknown, of being away from home, of not ...
Best Roommate Award, FTW!
It happens. One day you're at home, lounging on the couch and scrolling endlessly on your social media feed. The next, you realize that you have to move away from your beloved house and family because it takes a plane ride or ...
Here's how you deal with your roommate's annoying habits.
Your bedroom should be your comfort zone. This is a place where you can act with no limitations, move because no one is watching you, and feel zero stress from outside factors. But what would you do if you had to share ...
Uh-oh, are you having roommate troubles? Don’t worry, here are some tips to help you with your roomie issues.
The Talk.Who says only couples can DTR? Before anything else, you and your roommate should talk about the rules and boundaries of your roommate relationship. Consider each other's likes and dislikes. Would it bother her if your friends come over? Can she ...
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