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You can spend Happy Hour watching the sunset!
The pandemic has everyone dreaming of enjoying the outdoors with friends and family sans the mask, the face shield, and the social distancing. As we wait for that day, why not plan ahead? Here's a place you should consider adding to your ...
Add these to your post-pandemic bucket list!
Quarantine fatigue is real and we can't help but daydream of days where we can travel again. If you're building your post-pandemic travel bucket list or looking for ones with alfresco dining areas, we found these cafes in Rizal with an accompanying ...
It's your First Date. What do you do? What do you wear? What do you say? Candy comes to the rescue!
Going on your first date has got to be the most exciting, most terrifying, most goose-pimple-inducing event in your life–so much so that whenever you think about it in your head, it’s always in title caps: “I’m going on ‘My First Date.’” ...
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