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The Grammy-nominated band is set to perform a series of shows at Ayala malls this weekend and we got a chance to chat with them!
Their latest album, Collapsible Lung, has 12 buzz-worthy songs that effortlessly evoke a free-spirited vibe! Relient K has always been known for their distinct Christian rock style, but the band has recently experimented on a new genre with catchier tunes and bright ...
Not sure what to do this weekend? Head on over to the #CandyFair2013 and watch Relient K! Read on for more details.
The #CandyFair2013 is already this Saturday, September 28, 2013, and it's super to be a super fun day filled with Candy Cuties, celebrities, cool booths, and performances! Make sure to buy your tickets at Ticket World and then head on over to ...
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