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It doesn't need to end up with a them-or-me ultimatum.
When you get into a relationship with someone, he or she will eventually introduce you to the important people in his life. Apart from his immediate family, you'll meet his friends, and as much as you want to get along with his ...
Do this before saying anything you'll regret later on.
Fights and arguments will always be a part of any romantic relationship – they are completely unavoidable. There may even be times when you let your emotions get in the way and you end up hurting your guy (and yourself) unintentionally. But ...
“Sometimes it's not just the demons of our past who haunt us—it can be people least, our conjured up idea of that person.”
So it has happened. That one thing that you never wished would happen to your relationship—but did anyway. It was the official deal breaker that brought forth The Big Breakup, and now you're dealing with your broken heart as well as what's ...
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