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These bullets have the classic thing that T-Swift likes.
While there are a lot of makeup products that have been making waves in the beauty scene—from cool brow goodies to the now iconic cushion compacts, a swipe of a great lipstick is still the best way to seal a strong beauty look. ...
Look feminine, but feisty with this week's style equation!
No hue in the color wheel sums up boldness and fearlessness like red does. Pink, on the other hand, is a more romantic color that's dainty and super feminine. Mix a bold and a light color together to create a strong contrasting look ...
It's possible to rock both colors for a chic holiday look!
Red and green is not a usual color combination in the world of classic looks! In fact, most people advice against it because it's mostly associated with the Christmas season. But we think that there are really chic ways to break common ...
Swipe on that red lippie for the holidays just like these gorgeous celebs!
Whether you're off to another party or you just want to look and feel extra festive, you can never go wrong by swiping on a gorgeous red lip! And this holiday season, it's extra perfect to show off a red pout with ...
Our search for the perfect matte red lippies are over! We found the best ones and we're here to share them with you with the help of GIFs.
Here at the Candy HQ, we're all huge fans of red lipstick and we're always on the hunt for the perfect shade to suit and flatter all our skin tones. Which is why when we got the chance to try the latest Color ...
Get ideas on how you can celebrate your 18th birthday here!
Having a color-centric debut is a great alternative if you do not have a specific theme in mind. From your favorite colors, you can come up with combinations that will suit your taste and unique style. For debutante Almira, she opted for a bold yet sweet ...
All the best red lippies to help you channel your inner T-swizzle!
It's definitely no secret by now that our forever spirit animal Taylor Swift can rock a red lip like it's nobody's business. In fact, the superstar has made the cat eye and red lippie combo her go-to, signature look. Since it's the ...
Learn the different ways you can sport this T-Swizzle inspired outfit combo!
One of our favorite Taylor Swift looks has got to be when she pairs together anything that's red and with stripes! It's such a classic and timeless combination that anyone can sport, which is why we thought of giving you some much ...
Check out how you can sport this classic lippie just like your favorite celebs! Read on to find out our favorite red lipsticks right now.
Red lips will never go out of style. It's a beauty look that looks great on every girl, regardless of the skin tone. Swiping on a red lip can instantly make your face pop—no other makeup necessary. Since sporting a red lip ...
Learn how you can easily recreate the actress' standout lippie! Also, read on to find out how you can DIY your very own red matte lipstick.
The absolutely gorgeous Emma Watson is not only an amazing and lovable actress with great style, she's now officially a Brown University graduate, too (YAY)! The Noah star proudly announced finishing college after 5 years of balancing school and filming through this ...
Shailene Woodley on the cover of Teen Vogue, sad news about the Mean Girls reunion, and more news you need to know today!
Last week, we received the fetchest news in the entire world when Lindsay Lohan said that a Mean Girls reunion "needs to happen" at Jimmy Fallon's show. Of course, the movie's fans were psyched especially because it turns 10 this year. Unfortunately, Mean Girls ...
Find out the perfect red lippie that will match your color just in time for V-day!
A classic red is every girl's lips' best friend because it looks great on everyone! The secret to finding the perfect red lipstick is finding out what shade or hue complements your skin tone the best. It may seem challenging and a ...