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Siklo Pilipinas was born out of this couple's backpacking hobby and their love for the environment.
A couple’s island backpacking hobby has led them to create Siklo Pilipinas, a waterproof bag brand that advocates for an eco-ethical lifestyle.Siklo Pilipinas was first created because owners Clarice and Lyndon Ecuacion, who frequently went on island adventures, were concerned about how ...
How you can help protect Mother Earth in the spirit of sharing.
What is upcycling? This is when you take waste materials and turn them into something that's useful again. It's recycling on a whole new level because what you produce is of better quality and something that has better environmental value.Tang Philippines launched ...
Cute bottles make flowers even more charming.
Did you receive flowers this Valentine's Day? To prolong their life, keep them in water, and make them look even prettier in these cute washi-d bottles. You can come up with thousands of unique designs with different washi tapes!Get bigger bottles if ...
What's better than making your own accessories? Making it out of something quite unexpected!
Think twice before throwing out that toilet paper roll. Make use of what would otherwise end up in the trash. ...
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