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It's not always about good grades.
Graduation is typically seen as a cause for celebration, but it doesn’t feel that way for you. Sure, you’re relieved that you’re finally graduating after four tedious years of late-night study sessions and last-minute deadlines. At the same time though, you’re upset ...
Real Talk: It feels like you can’t afford to ‘dream’ anymore.
It seemed so long ago when you promised yourself you’d do something cool with your life this year, like going on your first trip with the barkada, attending a concert you’ve patiently saved up for, spending a semester abroad, or even something ...
Avoid letting them bring out the worst in you.
Going to multiple family and barkada get-togethers can be draining for anyone, especially when you yourself are going through some internal musings and don't have full answers to seemingly harmless questions like what your plans are for 2020, what happened to that hobby ...
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