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Spice up your instant ramen! We try recipes by various K-pop idols to see the many different ways we can spice up this snack.
If there's anything that we're sure to have in common with K-pop idols, it's our love for instant ramen. Whether it comes in a pack or in a cup, our pantries are always stocked up with our favorite noodles. It's handy for mornings ...
This ingredient is already in your kitchen.
One of the things you probably have in your kitchen are packs of instant ramen. It's convenient, affordable, and delicious. But if you're getting that sawa or umay factor from eating the same instant ramen every other day, we found out one ingredient ...
It's just across UST!
They also have rice bowls for those craving for some or simply believe that rice is life—LOL!Chicken KaraageBeef BowlPork Tonkatsu Muramen U-Belt is located at KB Lepanto 1 Bldg., S.H. Loyola St., Corner Tolentino St., Manila (across UST!). They're open Mondays to Saturdays ...
We give you the highlights and the winners of this year's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.
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