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Don't miss the latest deets on Ed Sheeran's new filter for Snapchat, the Pitch Perfect casts' aca-mazing instagram pose, What James thinks of Nadine Lustre's bikini Instagram pic, Rain's comeback with a special collab, and the great twist on the reboot of Charmed.
If you haven't noticed yet, Ed Sheeran just dropped us two new singles! But that's not all Ed had under his sleeve, he got to partner with Snapchat to create a special filter just for him, which previews his new song with ...
Eight music videos that may be the soundtrack of Pinoys this year.
We know that just like us, you are always on the lookout for music videos to watch from YouTube, Candy Girls. This year, a lot of music videos came out, but only a few made it to the most-watched list of Filipinos. ...
If you missed out on the Billboard Music Awards, these celeb tweets will get you an inside look at the highlights of the big event!
Avril Lavigne presents the award, Top Digital Song to the one and only "Call Me Maybe Singer"! And this pic screams possible collab. They actually look like a duo here.Top Digital Song! @carlyraejepsen#bbmabackstage…Haters and booers won't keep JB bringing in all ...
Missed the AMAs? We've got you covered! Read what the artists had to tweet about their awards, performances and more!
Justin Bieber had an emotional moment on stage and was a little speechless as he was awarded the biggest title of the night for Artist of the Year, but his tweet makes up for it though!THANK YOU TO ALL THE FANS...ALL MY ...
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