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No room for mediocrity here.
After finding out about her grand 18th birthday celebration at the MOA Arena, we found ourselves scrolling through Dian Serranilla's Instagram posts and discovered that she really does live #blessed life. Don't believe us, check out the proof:And before you go hatin' ...
Even celebrities have their Oops moments.
Remember when Elle Fanning flew her prom date to Cannes because her senior prom fell at the same time her movie was premiering at the festival? Well, she talked to BBC Radio 1 and shared a cute story of how she totally ruined ...
We hope she says yes!
We know that Prom is not just kind of a big deal—it is a huge deal! And these days, people are getting more and more creative with how they make sure their date says yes. Gone are the days of simply asking if ...
We know prom season might be over for some of you, but for the sophomores who want a head start, we've rounded up some of the best promposals online to help you out!
Prom, one of the most important nights in your high school existence. We've been doing some online research (aka surfing) and uncovered a million and one of what seems to be the thing these days: promposals. That's exactly what it sounds like. ...
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