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Because becoming a woman should always be a glamorous affair
Turning 18 is one of the most monumental moments of any girl's life. And why not? It's the day when you officially becomes an adult and your debut is a culmination of everything that you've experienced and everyone you've loved over the ...
Here are all the things we suggest you do to make sure it goes the way you expect it to!
Every girl dreams of the perfect prom—perfect setting, perfect lights, perfect first slow dance with the perfect date. We know you've been dreaming about this day for a long time, and you'd definitely want this night to be an amazingly unforgettable one—something ...
Be extra prepared the day before this exciting night!
Excited for prom night? So are we! We’ve made the ultimate checklist for every Candy Girl who wants to have the best night possible!  1  Dress rehearsal.Carefully put on your dress, shoes, and accessories and make sure it all fits you right! Double ...
Because sometimes the first choice isn't the best choice.
I actually loved my prom dress and would still wear it today if it still fit me. :P It was a light pink chiffon dress with a Sabrina neckline. I'd probably change my shoes (horrible silver pumps!), though. Maybe something a pair ...
These dresses are so stylish and perfect for your dream prom night!
Still have no clue what to wear for prom night? Not to worry because we know just how important it is to find the perfect dress, which is why we went ahead and did the shopping for you! We found 10 chic ...
The prom special cover girl shares her personal style and prom picks!
Bianca Umali is on the cover of the Prom Special with Jane Oineza and they both look absolutely stunning! But did you know that the Bianca also looks great while she's not in front of the camera? That's because the young star ...
Get to know the prom special cover girl: her dream dress, makeup, and personal style!
How cute does Jane Oineza look on the cover of the December-January prom special? She's super stylish yet effortless and chic.  She's only 18 years old, but the young star definitely knows a thing or two about fashion and beauty. Get to ...
Go behind the scenes of Michelle's cover shoot and find out every detail of Michelle's dream prom night!
Doesn't Michelle Vito just look absolutely gorgeous in this month's prom beauty special cover? She looks every bit the radiant prom queen! Get to know more of this rising star and all about her dream prom dress, date, and song by watching ...
Watch this super fun and cute fashion video to get inspired to dress up your prom and date looks! Plus, we show you where you can get the exact pieces.
Still on the hunt for the perfect prom, ball, or date outfit? Watch this super cute video and not only will you feel all giddy, you'll also get inspired to sport fun, trendy looks for that special night. Pick between an unconventional ...
This short fashion video is just the inspiration you need to look extra glam on your date or prom night! Read on to find out where you can snag the exact pieces.
Looking for the perfect prom dress or date look this February? Watch this super cute video and get inspired to wear the prettiest embellished dresses for a fab and glam outfits! Pick between a more classic look or a trendy and edgy ...
This short video will get you inspired to dress up your prom and date looks! Read on to find out where you can snag the exact pieces.
Looking for the perfect prom dress or date look this February? Watch this beautiful video and get inspired to wear something extra girly and oh-so pretty for that special day! Pick between a more flowy, ethereal look or a more classic, polished ...
Go behind the scenes at this prom fashion editorial and get inspired to dress up in pieces with lots of sparkle and glam!
Still not sure what you want to wear to prom? Watch this behind-the-scenes video from this year's Prom Fashion editorial for inspiration! Make sure to grab a copy of Candy's December 2013-January 2014 issue for more style tips! ...
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